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TCube Edge Chiller


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SKU: TCubeEdge

TCube Edge Recirculating Chiller and Chiller Line Assembly
TCube edge 2A: 230W, Aluminum
Part Number: 10-14072-2A-1
• 230 Watts of cooling capacity @ 20°C in 20°C ambient air
• Operating Range from 0°C to 65°C
• Pump: Centrifugal (adjustable speed)
• Flow: ~2 lpm @ 14 psig (adjustable to ~1.5 lpm @ 4 psig)
• Inlet/Outlet Fittings: 1/4″ valved CPC
• Wetted materials: Aluminum and polymers
• US Power Cord

Standard Features:
• Variable speed fan for quiet operation
• Automatic restart
• RS232 communications standard
• Universal power input
• RoHS compliant
• Programmable offset
• 110V or 220V ready
• 1L coolant tank capacity
• Recommended coolant – Koolance LIQ-702CL-B (x2)

Chiller Line Assembly
• White firm polyurethane tubing – 1/4″ ID, 3/8″ OD
• Ultra weather-resistant EPDM Foam Tube
• Extra-Thick Moisture-Seal Heat-Shrink Tubing
• White expandable sleeving

Fittings: 1/4” valved in-line chrome-plated brass insert

Total length: 2 meters




Download: TCube edge Manual Rev M3.pdf

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