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Collection Plates

We offer an extensive range of 24, 48, 96, 384 and 1536 well collection plates, PCR plates, collection plates with glass inserts, silicone/PTFE cap mats, polypropylene cap mats as well as silicone and Teflon® sealing films. Siliguard™ is our unique Low Bind coating on polypropylene collection plates for sticky compounds.  We also offer Silanized glass inserts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are bar-coding or other custom labeling available?
Yes. We have a very extensive selection of options for bar-coding and other labeling available. Please contact us for details regarding how we can best address your needs.
What type of 384 well collection plate products do you have?
We have a wide selection of 384 collection plates from a shallow, half and even full deep well heights. Additionally we manufacture silicone capmats (available in pre-slit) which are extremely popular. A selection of filter plates and solvent reservoirs are also available.
How do I use solvents incompatible with polypropylene on my automated liquid handler?
We have a selection of SLAS solvent reservoirs machined from a solid block of PTFE that can handle DMSO, DMC and toluene among other reagents.
Can you have glass sample containers/vials in a 96 position SLAS format?
  Yes.  We have three product lines that provide a 96 position SLAS format glass containment for your samples.  They are: 
  • Glass inserts of either 700uL or 1mL volumes that are narrow enough to drop into a standard 2mL square well plate.  We use a round bottom square wall when purchased preloaded.  These can be seen here: Inserts for 96-Well Collection Plates
  • NOTE: You have a choice of two geometries for the bottom of the vial.  Drawback of note for this option is that the glass inserts are narrower than a typical 1mL round collection plate.  
  • Flexi-tier which has its own baseplate / vial holder system (reuseable) but the vials are the same ID as a typical 1mL collection plate.  Please see the info here: Flexi-Tier Collection Systems
  • Select-a-vial which has its own reusable baseplate and three options of vial sizes.  Please see: Select-A-Vial product listing on our website.
All of these glass inserts can be silanized even if the PN/ordering details are not listed on the brochure.  
How does your 2mL v-bottom square walled 96 well collection plate differ from other vendors?
We specifically designed our 2mL v-bottom square walled 96 well plate (PN 59623-23) to have a smooth sloped transition from the square wall to the v-bottom. Their are no ledges for droplets to be caught on.
How can I setup my autosampler for your collection plates?
For your convenience we have reference PDF titled “Plate Parameters” for most of our collection plates found under the “additional” information tab on it’s product webpage.
Are dimensions available for your collection plates?
Yes. Please see the collection plates product web-page and see the “additional” information tab for a link to PDF(s) for details.
Do you have collection plates with lower than typical dead volumes?
Our TrueTaper plates (1mL, PN 968810 & 2mL, PN 968820) are specifically designed to reduce dead volume by providing a higher meniscus. This results in easier liquid/liquid extraction, pipetting in general and even reduced evaporation rates.
What is the best capmat for long term storage for 2mL square well plates?
Our polypropylene capmat (PN 3726) is specially designed for long-term storage at -80C.  We have customers utilizing this for tissue and other biological sample storage in combination with either our TrueTaper 2mL (PN 968820) or 2mL v-bottom (PN 59623-23) collection plates for many years.
What are your low-bind options?
SiliGuard coating can be applied to almost any polypropylene product changing surface interaction with your sample. This process coats the entire consumable, has its own lot number for quality assurance and has been assisting scientists for almost a decade. Our glass products can be silanized.
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1536-Well Format

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24-Well Format

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