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Column Temperature Control

Gen II Column Heaters feature the latest advancements in the HotSleeve™ line of HPLC and LC/MS column heaters. New products include the Multicon multiple column heater controller, the Monocon single column heater controller, and Gen II HotSleeve+ column heaters.
Significant New Features
Significant New Features

Touchscreen Interface
  • Provides simple and intuitive interaction with the device
  • Provides greater utility to operators by allowing for gloved operation
  • Tabbed, modern and familiar
Continuous Display of Critical Performance Data, including
  • Current temperature
  • Set point temperature
  • Elapsed time or time remaining until automated cutoff
  • Activation status of heating unit
  • Specifications and parameters of active heaters
High Power Operation
  • Support for heaters with a temperature range of 5ºC above ambient to 130ºC
  • Faster heater to-temperature time allowing for decreased downtime
  • Supports 250 W heaters allowing for increased performance and higher capacity operation
  • Supports Peltier coolers
Screen Lock
  • Prevents accidental touches from changing settings
Stacking Enclosures
  • Preserves space by allowing multiple devices to share the same vertical footprint
1000 Hour Maximum Timer Limit
  • Provides users with the time that they need to collect all necessary data
USB Connectivity
  • For PC connection
Modbus RS485
  • Allows the controller to be connected as part of a Modbus RS485 chain. This allows up to 31 controllers to be used simultaneously.
  • A list of Modbus serial commands is available
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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    Monocon Gen II Single Column Heater Sleeve Controller
    MONOCONMonocon Gen II Single Column Heater Sleeve ControllerEach$3,419.00
    Multicon Gen II Multiple Column Heater Sleeve Controller
    MULTICONMulticon Gen II Multiple Column Heater Sleeve ControllerEach$5,699.00
    Gen II HotSleeve+ 5cm Column Heater
    HS2-5LGen II HotSleeve+ 5cm Column HeaterEach$880.00
    Gen II HotSleeve+ 10cm Column Heater
    HS2-10LGen II HotSleeve+ 10cm Column HeaterEach$920.00
    HS2-15LGen II HotSleeve+ 15cm Column HeaterEach$1,669.00
    HS2-25LGen II HotSleeve+ 25cm Column HeaterEach$1,769.00
    HS2-30LGen II HotSleeve+ 30cm Column HeaterEach$1,898.00
    HS2-1012LGen II HotSleeve+ 1.0" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column HeaterEach$3,778.00
    HS2-1512LGen II HotSleeve+ 1.5" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column HeaterEach$2,980.00
    Gen II HotSleeve+ 2.0" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column Heater
    HS2-2012LGen II HotSleeve+ 2.0" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column HeaterEach$3,030.00