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Column Temperature Control

Heating Heater
Heating your HPLC column prior to separation provides:

• Better and more consistent retention times
• Improved resolution
• Improved peak shape
• Better selectivity
• Reduced column back pressure
• Extended column life
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Rugged chromatographic methods ensure success for routine analysis. The effects of temperature control offer the benefit of stabilized retention times which are both rugged and reproducible. Lower column back pressure is also achieved when heating your mobile phase, due to a decrease in liquid viscosity. This enables more efficient use of high pressure and ultra-high pressure columns and devices which are becoming the standard in today’s industry.

So, which column heater is the best for your application? Three important factors should be considered when deciding:

Temperature repeatability, or the capability of the heater to reliably heat to the same set temperature time and again.

Temperature stability, which is the ability to maintain consistent temperature balance through the entire course of your method, and

Temperature accuracy - the degree of closeness of a heater’s actual temperature compared to the temperature you set. Keep in mind that the lower the stated specifications are, the better the heater performance. Typical heaters have an accuracy of ± 0.5 ºC which could potentially result in a full 1ºC swing in the actual temperature reading. Heaters with an accuracy of ± 0.1 ºC, such as those from Analytical Sales and Services, would potentially have a swing of only 0.2 degrees.

Analytical Sales and Services offers the most accurate and reliable column heaters available in the world today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know what size Hot Sleeve fits my column?
You will need to measure your column. Here is a guide for proper column measurement.
How can I clean my MultiSLEEVE™ Controller?
The MultiSLEEVE™ Controller can be safely wiped down with alcohol.
Heater element compatibility, original control boxes and non-plus elements.
Our latest generations of heater elements and controllers are designed with the calibration parameters within each detachable element.  The newer intelligent controllers read the parameters to ensure you have a calibrated system.  This provides more flexibility to have multiple heater elements to swap out on a controller.  
What scenarios would the MultiSLEEVE controller be beneficial?
If you need to use a column switcher on a system or even to support two separate instruments near each other.
How precise are your column heater and coolers?
Our column heaters are each calibrated by our assembly team and hold their set temperature to within +- 0.1 C. Our column coolers (ColdSLEEVE model) is rated to hold from 5 C to 55 C.

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