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Sample Filtration

Rplc. Parts for 16-Position Vacuum Manifold

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    2101-1616 Position Glass ChamberEach$222.00
    2113-16Base PlateEach$100.00
    2104-16Collection Rack, 16 PositionEach$210.00
    2102-16Cover Gaskets, 16 StopcocksEach$535.00
    2111-16Dimple PlateEach$100.00
    2114-16Drying Attachment for 16 Position Flash Vacuum Manifold SystemEach$615.00
    2107-16Gaskets for 16 and 24 Position2$29.00
    2131-16One Way Stopcocks16$130.00
    2106-16Plate for 13mmTest TubesEach$100.00
    2105-16Plate for 16mm Test TubesEach$100.00
    2124-16PP Outlet Needles16$55.00
    2112-16SS Outlet Needles16$177.00
    2108-16Stainless Steel Outlet Needles16$177.00
    2103-16Vacuum Gauge Valve & Glass BlocksEach$649.00