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Storage racks

Storage Racks

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    AR184BG Adapt-a-Rack Flexible Multi-Tube Rack - Blue/Green
    Adapt-a-Rack™ Flexible Multi-Tube Rack2$13.00
    8C165 Combi-Rac Versatile Sample Rack Systems - Assorted
    Combi-Rac™ Versatile Sample Rack Systems10$40.00
    8L165 Transparent Lids for Combi-Racs
    8L165Transparent Lids for Combi-Racs10$30.00
    5B025 Mini Combi-Rac - Blue
    Mini Combi-Rac™10$32.00
    813600B Tube Racks - For Tubes up to 13mm, Blue
    Tube Racks10$181.00
    4WRACK 4-Way Rack
    4WRACK4-Way Rack5$48.00
    96152 Versi-Rac