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Fluidic Transfer

Chromatography Tools & Accessories

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    10" Adjustable Wrench
    WRENCH-1010" Adjustable WrenchEach$30.00
    12" Adjustable Wrench
    WRENCH-1212" Adjustable WrenchEach$40.00
    WRENCH-66" Adjustable WrenchEach$30.00
    WRENCH-88" Adjustable WrenchEach$30.00
    59299Aluminum Flangeless Nut Extender Tool for Standard Head FittingsEach$18.00
    ADV9850Chromatography Tool KitEach$175.00
    Custom Power Strip Holder
    PSHOLDERCustom Power Strip HolderEach$110.00
    1551Cutter for 1/8" and 1/16" OD Tubing SS TubingEach$79.00
    59298Extender Tightening Tool for Flangeless NutsEach$9.00
    68290Extender ToolEach$32.00
    Ferrule Remover
    61629Ferrule RemoverEach$50.00
    FS-101Ferrule SaverEach$95.00
    49329Large Bore Polymer Tubing CutterEach$29.00
    Polymer Tubing Cutter
    49327Polymer Tubing CutterEach$29.00
    Polymer Tubing Cutter with 5 Different Size Ports
    1651Polymer Tubing Cutter with 5 Different Size PortsEach$25.00
    1652Replacement Blade for Polymer Tubing CutterEach$3.00
    49328Replacement Blades for 64327 & 493295$9.00
    SS Tube Cutting Pliers
    1650SS Tube Cutting PliersEach$35.00
    Stainless Steel Combo Tool
    66788Stainless Steel Combo ToolEach$35.00
    ADV9851Stainless Steel Tubing StraightenerEach$95.00
    Terry Tool Rotary SS Tubing Cutter for 1/16" OD Tubing
    TT1001Terry Tool Rotary SS Tubing Cutter for 1/16" OD TubingEach$155.00
    TT1002Terry Tool Rotary SS Tubing Cutter for 1/8" OD TubingEach$170.00
    1600Tubing ClipEach$3.00
    1653Valco Double End WrenchEach$35.00
    49304Wrench Double-Open 1/4"-5/16"Each$15.00
    49320Wrench Double-Open 3/8"-7/16"Each$22.00
    Wrench Double-Open 1/2" x 9/16"
    49305Wrench Double-Open 1/2" x 9/16"Each$22.00