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HPLC & LC/MS Columns

Column 5cm

Highload™ C18 Columns

  • High sample throughput
  • Maximum selectivity
  • High efficiency

Advantage™ HIGHLOAD™ Columns support the demands of high sample throughput for real time process control or large volume production monitoring. The high surface area (300m2/gm) of the 100Å pore size silica used for HIGHLOAD™ permits high weight/weight carbon loading while maintaining desirable monometric characteristics.

The chromatograms to the right confirm the importance of selectivity and column packing technology versus particle size when it comes to horsepower and high speed in HPLC separations.

Advantage™ HIGHLOAD™, with its high carbon loading and surface area often works much better than expensive small particle size columns that are prone to plugging up more quickly. This is illustrated by the analysis of two combinational libraries on two manufacturers’ 2μm columns and comparing the results of the same analysis on a short Highload™ C18 5μm column. The objective of this study is to resolve two multicomponent mixtures with a fast gradient in as little as two minutes. In each case, the 5μm HIGHLOAD™ C18 column clearly outperformed the 2μm alternatives.

For a growing number of chromatographers, MS has become the “detector of choice” and Advantage™ HIGHLOAD™ is meeting their need for dependable, efficient, and short HPLC columns. We offer a wide range of short, 2.1mm cartridge columns that are ideal for LC-MS applications.

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