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Select-A-Vial™ - Vial Insert/Rack Systems

• 96-Well Format
• Universal Base
• 3 Volume/Rack Options
• Accommodates 350µL, 500µL or 1mL Vials
• Seal with Cap Mats (see below)

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    Select-A-Vial™, 350µL Complete System
    27350Select-A-Vial™, 350µL Complete SystemEach$47.00
    27350SSelect-A-Vial™, 350µL Silanized Complete SystemEach$69.00
    Select-A-Vial™, 500µL Complete System
    27500Select-A-Vial™, 500µL Complete SystemEach$69.00
    27500SSelect-A-Vial™, 500µL Silanized Complete SystemEach$69.00
    Select-A-Vial™, 1.0mL Complete System
    27001Select-A-Vial™, 1.0mL Complete SystemEach$69.00
    27001SSelect-A-Vial™, 1.0mL Silanized Complete SystemEach$69.00
    Select-A-Vial™, 350µL Inserts in Racks Only
    35078Select-A-Vial™, 350µL Inserts in Racks Only6$270.00
    35078SSelect-A-Vial™, 350µL Silanized Inserts in Racks Only6$402.00
    50078Select-A-Vial™, 500µL Inserts in Racks Only6$270.00
    50078SSelect-A-Vial™, 500µL Silanized Inserts in Racks Only6$402.00
    Select-A-Vial™, 1.0mL Inserts in Racks Only
    10178Select-A-Vial™, 1.0mL Inserts in Racks Only6$261.00
    Select-A-Vial™, 1.0mL Silanized Inserts in Racks Only
    10178SSelect-A-Vial™, 1.0mL Silanized Inserts in Racks Only6$402.00
    Select-A-Vial™ 350µL Clear Conical Glass Inserts
    35096Select-A-Vial™ 350µL Clear Conical Glass Inserts100$37.00
    500µL  Glass Inserts
    50096500µL Glass Inserts100$37.00
    50096S500µL Silanized Glass Inserts100$50.00
    Select-A-Vial™ 1mL Clear Conical Glass Inserts
    10196Select-A-Vial™ 1mL Clear Conical Glass Inserts100$37.00
    1.0mL Silanized Glass Inserts
    10196S1.0mL Silanized Glass Inserts100$50.00
    Clear Cap Mats for 350µL Select-A-Vial™
    35070Clear Cap Mats for 350µL Select-A-Vial™5$47.00
    35075Clear Pre-Slit Cap Mats for 350µL Select-A-Vial™5$56.00
    Select-A-Vial™ Base Trays
    20096Select-A-Vial™ Base Trays6$11.00
    35096SSelect-A-Vial™, Silanized 350µL Clear Conical Glass Inserts100$50.00