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Dried Blood Spot

Replacement cutters

Replacement Cutters

Select a cutter size that matches your pod head. Replacement cutters are not interchangeable with different size pods and can not be used to change punch head cuttings sizes.

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    327903 Cutter for 3mm DBS Punch
    327903Cutter for 3mm DBS PunchEach$90.00
    327904 Cutter for 4mm DBS Punch
    327904Cutter for 4mm DBS PunchEach$90.00
    327905 Cutter for 5mm DBS Punch
    327905Cutter for 5mm DBS PunchEach$90.00
    327906 Cutter for 6mm DBS Punch
    327906Cutter for 6mm DBS PunchEach$90.00