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Canary-Safe™ Solvent Safety Products

Canary-Safe™ Solvent Safety Products

Mobile Phase Bottle Safety Caps

Laboratory safety is very important to Analytical Sales and Services, Inc. Our mobile phase screw caps are made from high quality polypropylene with machined PTFE centers. Tubing lines are held in place with secure finger tight fittings, and will no longer become tangled upon removal of the cap because of the 2-part design (threaded portion spins independently of the center). There is an additional O-ring between the Teflon center and cap surface to ensure no evaporation. All mobile phase screw caps come with replaceable air check valves. Safety caps are available in GL38, GL45, S55, and B83 threads.

Call us to design your custom mobile phase cap, at no extra charge.

Diagram: How Mobile Phase Safety Caps Function Expand
Container Thread Dimensions Guide Expand
Diagram: How Mobile Phase Safety Caps Function
Container Thread Dimensions Guide Expand
Mobile Phase Bottle
Safety Caps

Container Thread
Dimensions Guide

CapAD (mm)Note
GL3837.5for Wheaton and Nalgene bottles
GL4040for Merck bottles
B5050for space saving can
B5353for Nalgene bottles and cans
B6362for Nalgene bottles and cans
S6564.5for KAUTEX cans
B8388for Nalgene bottles and cans
(approx. 13mm thread lead)

Note: All dimensions could very +/- 0.5mm depending on the manufacturer.


MP safety caps

GL45 Mobile Phase Caps

We offer a wide range of options for GL45 caps, including custom port sizes for various sized tubing and several color options so that you can easily identify your solvent...
CCGL3802 Canary-Safe Cap, GL38, 2 Standard Tubing Ports

GL38 Mobile Phase Caps

Our GL38 mobile phase safety caps are direct replacements to solvent manufacturer’s amber solvent bottle caps, and require no additional adapters. Available in a wide...
CC83114 Canary-Safe B83 Mobile Phase Cap, 1 Port for Tubing

B83 Mobile Phase Caps

As it is with our other mobile phase safety caps, our B83 caps are available in custom formats, per your request!
CC5508 Canary-Safe Cap, S55, with 8 Ports for Standard Tubing

S55 Mobile Phase Caps

Our S55 mobile phase safety caps for large solvent containers are also made for large waste containers. They are available with ports for 1/16”, 1/8” and 1/4” OD...
Prep waste caps

S55 Caps with Prep Size Air Filter

Our S55 mobile phase safety caps can be used with prep sized air check valves, specially adapted for large volumes of preparative HPLC eluents.  These caps and air check...