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Valco valves

Valves for CTC LC PAL Autosamplers

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    ADVDC6WK Model DC6WK 6 Port Replacement Valve
    ADVDC6WKModel DC6WK 6 Port Replacement ValveEach$1,050.00
    ADVC6WModel C6W 6 Port Manual Injector ValveEach$1,296.00
    ADVEPC6WModel EPC6W Injector with Micro-Electric ActuatorEach$2,578.00
    ADVEPC10WModel EPC10W 10 Port Injector with Microelectric Actuator, Ten 0.016" PortsEach$2,673.00
    ADVDC10WModel DC10W 10 Port Replacement ValveEach$1,105.00
    ADVDC10WK-1Keyed SS 10 Port Replacement ValveEach$1,146.00
    ADVEPCA-CEModel EP2CA Actuator ControlEach$800.00