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Injection & Switching

Injection & Switching

Within this section, you will find a wealth of high-quality injection and switching equipment, as well as consumables from well-established industry manufacturers like Hamilton Scientific, Rheodyne, and Vici/Valco.

By partnering with some of the stalwarts of the life sciences industry, we can consistently provide products such as high-performance syringes, manual sample injectors, modern automatic switching valves, various accessories, and fitting sets. A complimenting wide range of rotor and body materials are available as well, with alloys and polymer composite options that can satisfy almost any system requirement.

We also offer a variety of stainless-steel samples loops, all of which are electrolytically cut, electrochemically polished, deburred, and thoroughly cleaned. We offer our own custom UHPLC stainless-steel loops, with specialty finger-tight fittings rated to 20,000 psi.

In addition to these industry standard products, we have created custom infusion kits containing syringes, adapters, fittings, tubing, tees and replacement needles.

If there is a product or products you wish to purchase, but don’t see listed, please contact us HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have anything to assist with cleaning a mass spectrometer (MS) curtain plate?
We have designed a full kit with all the necessary cleaning pads for your MS curtain plate.
Do you have a solution to make infusion or tuning simpler and less messy?
Yes. We make a complete kit utilizing a detachable syringe needle with Lure lock fittings to ensure a leak free setup with your syringe pump. We also have the friction sleeve setup if you desire those.
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Automatic Switching Valves

Flexible Automation The VX modular valves are flexible to meet changing needs. Several options are available for connecting the valves to your analytical instrument or PC,...
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