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HPLC & LC/MS Columns

Sprite™ Direct Connect Columns

Sprite™ narrowbore columns are high performance products for LC-MS and other high speed, small volume applications. All Sprite™ HPLC columns are individually tested and certified to ensure consistent, reliable performance. A Certificate of Analysis accompanies each column as well as the original chromatogram and comprehensive testing and sorbent documentation.
The inert PEEK™ and titanium design is proven to be structurally sound to over 3500psi (245bar). Direct-Connect Sprite™ HPLC columns are leak-free and require no tools for connection. Fast finger-tight operation saves valuable time and effort.

Sprite 300+ C4

Sprite 300+ C8

Sprite Armor C18

Sprite Echelon C18

Sprite Highload C18

Sprite Lancer C18

Sprite Phenyl C18

Method Development Kit