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Mixing & Centrifugation


Gusto® Mini-Centrifuge

High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge
This compact centrifuge is ideal for protocols calling for fast spins with a higher RCF requirement. Ideal for PCR®, microfilter cell separation, clinical & diagnostic applications, and HPLC protocols.

  • Compact footprint and brush-less motor for quiet operation and low vibration
  • Select and set the digital speed display in xg or rpm
  • Sample imbalance and tilt safety cut out. Will not operate with the lid open
  • Backlit display showing time, speed and operational information on the same screen
  • Quick-Spin button for short spin requirements
  • Suitable for voltages 110 to 240V, supplied with 4 different plug types
  • Double insulated construction

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    6100-506 Gusto™ High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge
    6100-506Gusto® High-Speed Mini-CentrifugeEach$1,312.00
    32 Place 0.2mL Tube Rotor for Gusto®
    6100-04632 Place 0.2mL Tube Rotor for Gusto®Each$87.00
    12 Place 1.5/2mL Tube Rotor for Gusto®
    6100-03612 Place 1.5/2mL Tube Rotor for Gusto®Each$96.00
    Rotor Cover for 6100-036
    6100-066Rotor Cover for 6100-036Each$43.00
    6100-056Rotor Knob for Gusto®Each$34.00
    6100-016Power Adapter for Gusto®Each$158.00
    6100-026Universal Power Cord Set for Gusto®Each$50.00