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ADV-DM Dynamic Mixer

Dynamic Mixer

  • Chamber volume variable between 260µL and 1700µL
  • Volume of lower half, less stirrer, is 260µL
  • Volume of dynamic section is 800µL (unfilled)
  • Volume of static section is 500µL (filled with glass wool)
  • Can be used for micro as well as analytical and semi-preparative

The Dynamic Mixing Chamber is used during gradient elution to homogenize different solvents with extremely small volume. Since up to three pumps can be attached using the four-way capillary connector, it is unimportant whether you work with high or low-pressure gradients.

The Dynamic Mixing Chamber comprises a dynamic section in which a Teflon®-coated stirrer causes a fast and intensive premixing, and a static section filled with fiberglass which homogenizes the solvent mixture independent of the stirring procedure, thus creating a stable baseline.

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    ADV-DM Dynamic Mixer
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