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Dried Blood Spot

Dried Blog Spot

DBS-Dried Blood Spot Card Punch

In the realm of dried blood spot (DBS) testing, the DBS Punch is unique! It eliminates hand fatigue and blistering from the use of handheld manual card punches. It’s a pneumatic foot pedal-controlled “power punch” that increases speed and efficiency when loading dried blood spot samples into collection plates or tubes. The units require 90-110 PSI in order to properly operate; no electricity is required.

  • Easy to Use Foot Pedal Operation
  • No Hand Fatigue or Blistering
  • Reduces Processing Time
  • Direct Insertion of Punched Disc into Collection Plate Well or Tube
  • Clear View of Punching Area
  • 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Punch Sizes Available

DBS Complete Systems

Punch pods only

Punch Pods Only

Replacement cutters

Replacement Cutters

Select a cutter size that matches your pod head. Replacement cutters are not interchangeable with different size pods and can not be used to change punch head cuttings...
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Replacement Pipettes

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