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Canary-Safe™ Solvent Safety Products

Exhaust filters

Exhaust Filters

The Canary-Safe charcoal exhaust filters contain an activated carbon, multi-component granular material which absorbs 99% of all vapor and particulate materials evaporating from your solvents.  Exhaust filters are available for containers < 5L up to > 20L.   Exhaust filters for volatile acids and bases are also available. All filters come with a change indicator expiry timer at no additional charge

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    3 Month Canary-Safe Exhaust Filter
    CX30003 Month Canary-Safe Exhaust FilterEach$100.00
    CX6000 6 Month Medium Canary-Safe Exhaust Filter
    CX60006 Month Canary-Safe Exhaust FilterEach$125.00
    12 Month  Canary-Safe Exhaust Filter
    CX1200012 Month Canary-Safe Exhaust FilterEach$135.00
    CX6000 6 Month Medium Canary-Safe Exhaust Filter
    CX6010Exhaust Filter with Sulfuric Acid for Volatile basesEach$218.00
    CX6000 6 Month Medium Canary-Safe Exhaust Filter
    CX6020Exhaust Filter with Potassium Hydroxide for Volatile AcidsEach$220.00
    CFX1428Custom Adapter for Canary-Safe Exhaust FilterEach$142.00
    CF5001 Extension for Canary-Safe Exhaust Filter
    CF5001Extension for Canary-Safe Exhaust FilterEach$65.00
    CF5002 Angled Adapter for Canary-Safe Charcoal Exhaust Filter
    CF5002Angled Adapter for Canary-Safe Exhaust FilterEach$70.00
    CF5003 Lateral Off-Set Adapter for Canary-Safe Charcoal Exhaust Filter, Fixed
    CF5003Lateral Off-Set Adapter for Canary-Safe Exhaust FilterEach$215.00