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Thermal Transfer Deck

Thermal Transfer Decks

Our Thermal Transfer Decks can be used as either chilling plates or hot plates, or may be linked in novel ways to form gradients, or to serve other more experimental needs.  Input and Output ports are user configurable, and may be relocated between side and top faces. Units are shipped with side exit ports as standard. Decks are stackable, and multiple decks can be chained together for a total temperature control solution. Compatible with a wide variety of coolants (water, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, etc.). Equipped with push-to-connect fittings (standard) for quick tubing insertion/removal, or high-end valved fittings (TTD+) for easy, spill-proof tubing connection/disconnection.

Note: When using with Lumidox II solid base arrays, we highly recommend that you allow Analytical Sales & Services, Inc. to attach your thermal transfer deck to your array before shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the TTD+’s operating range only -40°C to 80°C? Can it go below/above the suggested temperature range?
The limiting factor for the min/max temperature limit of the TTD+ are certain components of the polymer valve mechanism in the fittings. The user can elect to go lower/higher but doing so would be completely at their own risk and void any warranties. Temperatures outside of this range will be OK for the actual flow of the system, but will likely cause the valves to fail (brittle cracking at the low end, and melting at the high end). This will cause the system to no longer be spill-proof if the fittings are disconnected and may result in very cold/hot fluids injuring the users.
Can the TCube Edge Chiller cool multiple daisy-chained TTDs? If so, how many can be daisy chained?
Yes, the TCube Edge Chiller has the capacity required to cool multiple thermal loads connected in series. Analytical is unable to provide any general specifications since the performance of the chiller in this application is highly dependent on what is being cooled and how much heat is being removed. Analytical suggests using the TTD+ and the Daisy-Chain Connector for easy daisy chaining. Daisy-chaining any TTD will always result in some sort of temperature gradient as the coolant moves through the system and picks up/removes heat.
What coolant is recommended for the TCube Edge Chiller?
Analytical recommends high-performance Koolance LIQ-702CL-B coolant (added link to Koolance website). This would also ensure the best cooling rate performance below 5°C. The tank capacity is 1L, so please ensure at least two 700mL bottles are available.
Can the TCube Edge Chiller be used for heating?
Yes, the chiller’s operating range is from 0°C to 65°C.
What is the cooling capacity of the TCube Edge Chiller?
The TCube Edge Chiller has 230W of cooling capacity at 20°C in 20°C ambient air.
Is the Thermal Transfer Deck leak resistant?
Yes! The TTDs feature high-quality, valved, spill-proof fittings and will prevent any leakage of no more than a few drips upon removal of the mating connector.

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    SLAS Thermal Transfer Deck +
    266540TTD+ (Thermal Transfer Deck with High-end Fittings)Each$325.00
    Thermal Transfer Deck
    266530TTD (Thermal Transfer Deck with Standard Fittings)Each$250.00
    Daisy-Chain Connector for TTD+ and Flow Reactor
    266701Daisy-Chain Connector for TTD+ and Flow ReactorEach$91.00
    "Straight-Thru" Thermal Transfer Deck
    266550"Straight-Thru" Thermal Transfer DeckEach$520.00
    Daisy Chain Connector for TCR and "Straight-Thru" TTD
    266703Daisy Chain Connector for TCR and "Straight-Thru" TTDEach$101.00
    Daisy Chain Connector for Flow-Through LED array to TCR or Straight-Thru TTD
    266704Daisy Chain Connector for Flow-Through LED array to TCR or Straight-Thru TTDEach$119.00
    Daisy Chain Connector for Flow-Through LED array to TTD+ or Flow Reactor
    266705Daisy Chain Connector for Flow-Through LED array to TTD+ or Flow ReactorEach$113.00
    Daisy Chain Connector for TCR or Straight-Thru TTD to TTD+ or Flow Reactor
    266706Daisy Chain Connector for TCR or Straight-Thru TTD to TTD+ or Flow ReactorEach$96.00
    Daisy Chain/Tubing Union
    266707Daisy Chain/Tubing UnionEach$138.00