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Daisy-Chain Connector for TTD+ and Flow Reactor


Units/Pkg: Each

SKU: 266701
This connector allows users to daisy-chain, or link together multiple TTD+ units, multiple Flow Reactors, or multiple TTD+‘s and Flow Reactors together.
  • High-end, chemically resistant Tygon PVC tubing
  • Tubing is clear, so you can easily monitor flow
  • Ideal length to prevent tube kinking, while maintaining sufficient flexibility
  • Tubing terminated on both ends with precise hose-barbed inserts for superior grip
  • Inserts feature shutoff valves to prevent spills
  • Inserts “click” seamlessly into the fittings on the TTD+ and Flow Reactor
  • Temperature range -20°C to 70°C (please contact us for temperature requirements outside this range)
  • For use with Thermal Transfer Deck+ (266540) and/or Flow Reactor (266100)*

*Note: this connector is not compatible with the “Straight-Thru” TTD or the TCR