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HPLC & LC/MS Columns

Choosing the right column for your application can be frustrating. However, column selection is critical in your efforts to achieve reliable chromatography.

Our staff will be happy to assist you in selecting a column which is appropriate for your specific needs. The links to our unique column selection are listed below, with a brief description of each. Simply click on the links for detailed specifications and ordering information.

Advantage™ 100 C8 & C18 Columns

Advantage™ 300+ C4 & C18 Columns

Armor™ C8 & C18 Columns

Citus™ Echelon™ Columns

Echelon™ Columns

Fleet™ Direct Connect Columns

Highload™ C18 Columns

Lancer™ C8, C18, Cyano and Phenyl Columns

Sprite™ Direct Connect Columns

Guard Columns & Filters for Column Protection