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Electrodes for HTe‾Chem

Analytical Sales offers a myriad of electrode choices for use in HTe‾Chem Assemblies. They can be used as either cathodes or anodes depending on your experimental needs. If your goal is to determine which electrodes work best, try our electrode kit which includes 8 electrode options.

Note: Proper function relies on the use of two dissimilar electrodes in each well position. For example, you can pair a nickel electrode (as anode) with a copper electrode (as cathode). Most electrodes come in packs of 25, please consider this when ordering.

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    Electrode Kit for Electrochemistry Assemblies
    700400Electrode Kit for Electrochemistry AssembliesEach$357.00
    Graphite Electrodes
    700500Graphite Electrodes30$158.00
    Graphite Electrodes - Bulk Pack
    700500-250Graphite Electrodes - Bulk Pack250$1,313.00
    Lead Electrodes
    700525Lead Electrodes25$110.00
    Cadmium Electrodes
    700575Cadmium Electrodes25$450.00
    Tin Electrodes
    700550Tin Electrodes25$100.00
    Zinc Electrodes
    700600Zinc Electrodes25$25.00
    Zinc Electrodes - Bulk Pack
    700600-250Zinc Electrodes - Bulk Pack250$220.00
    Platinum Electrodes
    700650Platinum Electrodes25$5,093.00
    Platinum Electrodes (Row Pack)
    700656Platinum Electrodes (Row Pack)6$1,223.00
    Iron Electrodes
    700675Iron Electrodes25$275.00
    Stainless Steel Electrodes
    700700Stainless Steel Electrodes25$25.00
    Stainless Steel Electrodes - Bulk Pack
    700700-250Stainless Steel Electrodes - Bulk Pack250$190.00
    Cobalt Electrodes
    700725Cobalt Electrodes25$688.00
    Nickel Electrodes
    700750Nickel Electrodes25$25.00
    NiChrom Electrodes
    700800NiChrom Electrodes25$25.00
    NiChrom Electrodes - Bulk Pack
    700800-250NiChrom Electrodes - Bulk Pack250$204.00
    Silver Electrodes
    700825Silver Electrodes25$322.00
    Copper Electrodes
    700850Copper Electrodes25$25.00
    Tungsten Electrodes
    700875Tungsten Electrodes25$246.00
    Aluminum Electrodes
    700900Aluminum Electrodes25$25.00
    Magnesium Electrodes
    700950Magnesium Electrodes25$88.00