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Sample Filtration

8502-00 Cellulose Acetate MicroSpin Centrifuge Filters with PP Housing - 0.45µm, 20µL – 850µL

MWCO Micro-Spin Filters - PVDF

Molecular Weight Cut-off (MWCO) filters – No return or refund policy

Due to the nature of this product’s usage, no returns or refunds can be offered. Samples may be available upon request. If applicable, customers may have to cover international shipping costs.

Analytical Sales & Services can only provide assistance in the practical workflow/usage for MWCO products. No specific application support is available.

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    MWCO Filter
    7833-30MWCO Micro Spin Filters, 800µL Volume, PVDF 30,000 with 2.0mL Receiver Tubes100$177.00
    7833-100MWCO Micro Spin Filters, 800µL Volume, PVDF 100,000 with 2.0mL Receiver Tubes100$177.00
    MWCO Filter
    7833-250MWCO Micro Spin Filters, 800µL Volume, PVDF 250,000 with 2.0mL Receiver Tubes100$177.00