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loops for 7725

SS Sample Loops for 7725 and 7725i SS Injectors

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    47755-0204 5µL SS Sample Loop
    47755-02045µL SS Sample LoopEach$68.00
    47755-021410µL SS Sample LoopEach$65.00
    20µL SS Sample Loop
    47755-022420µL SS Sample LoopEach$60.00
    47755-023450µL SS Sample LoopEach$65.00
    47755-0244100µL SS Sample LoopEach$68.00
    47755-0254200µL SS Sample LoopEach$70.00
    47755-0264500µL SS Sample LoopEach$79.00
    47755-02741mL SS Sample LoopEach$92.00
    47755-02842mL SS Sample LoopEach$134.00
    47755-0154CER SFA with Internal PEEK 2µL Loop for 7725 & 7725i (477254 & 47725i4) SS Manual InjectorsEach$185.00
    47755-02945mL SS Sample LoopEach$229.00