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Vials & Accessories

HPLC Vials, Caps, Inserts and Accessories

Analytical Sales and Services offers a wide variety of HPLC vials, caps and closures, inserts and specialty glassware for your laboratory needs. All of our glass is Borosilicate Type 1.  Clear glass is 33 expansion, Amber glass is 51 expansion.  Borosilicate glass represents the least reactive glass. Type 1 glass has the least pH shift, which shows the least leaching characteristics. For a complete guide to our offerings, consult our catalog, available by clicking here.

8mm vials

8mm Vials & Vial Kits

9mm vials

9mm Vials & Vial Kits

9mm Precision MSQ

9mm Precision MSQ™ Vial Kits

Why Precision MSQ is the best choice: Vials made with standard glass contain impurities which can leach into your sample. This can change the pH level of your sample and...
10mm vials

10mm Vials & Vial Kits

11mm vials

11mm Vials & Accessories

13mm vials

13mm Vials & Vial Kits

Snap Seal

Snap & Seal Vials

Headspace vials

Head Space Vials

EPA/VOA & Scintillation Vials

Cryovials specialty

Cryovials & Microtubes

Vial handling storage

Vial Handling & Storage

8 Well Aluminum Vial Tray, for 28mm Flat bottom Vials

Aluminum blocks for 20mL or 40mL Scintillation Vials

• SLAS footprint  (127.75mm x 85.5mm)