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Photoredox Catalysis & Parallel Synthesis

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Designing and Manufacturing Products for Catalysis

Over the last decade, the demand for the equipment needed to perform photoredox catalysis and parallel synthesis reactions has grown dramatically.  During this time, Analytical Sales & Services, Inc. has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing aluminum reaction blocks and 96 well LED arrays and lamps. Our main product line is complemented by a large offering of unique accessories like 384 well glass plates, powder transfer plates, preloaded vial trays and a new thermal transfer deck.  Most recently, the much-anticipated release of our second generation of LED arrays has been received with excitement, already revolutionizing the work of many groups. Collaborating directly with top scientists in the field from the pharmaceutical industry and academia, we’ve been able to create and provide exactly what our customers need to achieve their goals.

Aluminum reaction

Para-dox® Aluminum Reaction Blocks

A successful approach to high-throughput reaction screening requires the best tools available. Our comprehensive line of photoredox catalysis and parallel synthesis reaction...
Lumidox II devices

Lumidox® II LED Arrays & Lamps

For Photoredox Catalysis Applications –  Taking advantage of recent breakthroughs in LED technology, Analytical now offers the next generation Lumidox® II with higher...
Thermal Transfer Deck

Thermal Transfer Decks

Our Thermal Transfer Decks can be used as either chilling plates or hot plates, or may be linked in novel ways to form gradients, or to serve other more experimental...
Flow Reactor

Flow Reactor

The Para-Dox® Flow Reactor is a highly configurable, liquid cooled or heated flow reactor for the Analytical Sales and Services Lumidox®II platform. The new Para-Dox® Flow...