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Lumidox® II LED Arrays & Lamps

For Photoredox Catalysis Applications
Taking advantage of recent breakthroughs in LED technology, Analytical now offers the next generation Lumidox® II with higher optical/radiometric power than ever before. Lumidox II offers a multitude of unique and complimenting photonic devices, in varying wavelengths, amplitudes and footprints.

The Lumidox II collection includes new LED Arrays with a wider range of options to choose. Also, check out our LumLamp for experimental applications. All of our Lumidox II Illumination devices are controlled by the Lumidox II controller.

Analytical has developed a myriad of complimentary apparatus that works with Lumidox. These range from SLAS cooling blocks to our new Temperature Controlled Reactors. We also offer high throughput electrochemical assemblies that can work with Lumidox to expand your experimentation into electro-photochemical reactions.

Lens Mat Active with Patent BLUE

Lumidox® II LED Arrays

Analytical’s patented LED arrays provide wavelength and power specific illumination to samples for photoredox catalysis applications.  

Lumidox® II Controller

Lumidox II Controllers are manufactured in-house. Optical power levels are provided in easy to read, easy to calculate, whole numbers. Simply scroll through the menu to...
Lumidox Gen II LumLamp


The LumLamp system stands apart with multiple wavelengths, tight linewidths, and remote (corded) operation. It has radiant flux levels up to 5W. LumLamps are directly...