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Flow Splitters & Mixers

Flow Splitters & Mixers

Analytical Sales and Services Flow Splitters are available with Fixed or Adjustable split ratios where a controlled, reproducible split ratio is required including LC/MS, flow fractionation, pre/post column flow splitting, mass directed fraction collection, and capillary chromatography.  Interchangeable fluid resistors allow for quick and easy split ratio changes, eliminating tedious adjustments to capillary tubing.  Split ratios are stable and reproducible, and are not affected by changes in viscosity or pressure in post column applications.  Our Flow Splitters come in flow rate ranges compatible with Nano, Micro, Analytical, Semi-Preparative and Preparative HPLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do adjustable splitters have any preventative maintenance parts?
Yes there is an inlet frit consumable (PN 66-063) that needs to be periodically replaced.
flow splitters

Flow Splitters

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