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HPLC & LC/MS Columns

Advantage™ 100 C8 & C18 Columns

The Armor™ family of columns utilize a remarkable base deactivated material as tough as Armor. An added post-bonding process ensures the protection of the silica’s silanol surface against the effects of solute-silanol interactions. Since column stability and efficiency are primary issues for scientists developing fast HPLC methods with low detection limits, Armor™ columns are ideal for applications requiring an absence of secondary solute-silanol interaction.

Basic and acidic drugs and peptides can be chromatographed efficiently with little or no buffer, where acetic acid or formic acid can be substituted for TFA resulting in significant signal increase.

Advantage™ Armor™ columns exhibit extremely fast equilibration kinetics from high to low organic phase compositions. They also work well in 100% aqueous conditions for hydrophilic applications.

  • Ideal for LC-MS: 3 to 5 fold sensitivity increase
  • No tailing of basic and acidic analytes
  • Batch to batch reproducibility
  • Long column life
  • Offered in a wide range of formats

Analytical Columns

Pore size: 100Â
Prep Column

Semi-Prep & Prep Columns

Pore size: 100Â

Microbore Columns

Pore size: 100Â
Guard and Holder ECHELON

Guard Cartridges & Holders