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HPLC & LC/MS Columns

HPLC Direct Connect Pre-Column Filters

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    41605 PTFE Reservoir with Conical Wells, 8 Rows, 2 Columns, 5mL/Well
    1605Direct Connect In-Line Column Filter Guard, 0.5µm FritEach$24.00
    ADV-FFKITFilter Starter KitEach$377.00
    ADV-FWKITFilter Starter Kit for Waters HPLC ColumnsEach$350.00
    ADV-FHOLDIn-Line Filter Holder OnlyEach$248.00
    ADV-PFILTPEEK Filter Replacements, 0.5µm10$230.00
    ADV-SFILTSS Filter, 0.5µm10$120.00
    ADV-TFILTTitanium Filter Replacement10$186.00