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We offer a full line of electrochemistry equipment and accessories for both HTE and Flow Electrolysis. Our electrochemistry products are designed and driven by customer needs, and will consistently achieve expected results. Along with the 24 well HTe-Chem assembly, is a robust selection of electrode options and other consumables. We also offer both divided and undivided Flow Cells. All items are regularly in stock and available to ship immediately. Stay tuned for future electrochemical devices coming in 2024.

HTe‾Chem Electrochemistry

Analytical is pleased to offer a new setup for High-Throughput Experimentation for Electrochemistry (HTe‾Chem). This new line of products allows broad electrochemical...

Flow Electrolysis

Replication is an impediment in the path of scientific progress, especially for experiments conducted using electrolysis. This challenge primarily comes from an abundance...