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Temperature Controlled Reactors

TCR Assembly
TCR Vials Up Close

Analytical is pleased to offer the new Temperature Controlled Reactors (TCRs). The TCR is a 24 or 48-position fluid-filled reactor that keeps temperature consistent throughout the block and around your samples. It greatly reduces excessive heat that can be caused by external sources, such as a Lumidox®II solid base LED array. Any fluid within the specified range can be pumped through the reactor to maintain well-to-well temperature uniformity.

Sample-to-sample thermal uniformity can be difficult to achieve with high-throughput chemistry. Extreme temperature differences, thermal inconsistency, and thermal overload can all impact experimental validity, especially when using techniques like photocatalysis. The TCR solves these issues.

Standard 96 or 24-position reactor blocks have no internal fluid path and no way to accurately set and control temperature uniformity. As such, high-powered LEDs used for photocatalysis reactions can produce an overall reactor heat gradient of up to +/- 13°C, with severe heat island effects. Analytical’s TCRs are capable of controlling temperatures to a uniformity of +/- 1°C. Compatibility is one of the most important parameters of the TCR design. Internal testing ensured that the Temperature Controlled Reactor is fully compatible with all accessories provided by Analytical.

Heat Maps
Simulated heat maps of a standard 96-well Photoredox Reactor Block vs. a 48-position Temperature Controlled Reactor (TCR), when used with a Lumidox®II LED array at full power (stage 5).

  • Provides users with options to screen either 24 individual 1-DRAM vials (13mm, 15 x 45mm, 4mL) or 48 individual microvials (8 x 30mm) at near-equal temperatures
  • Provides extremely uniform thermal control for high throughput experimentation (HTE) with a temperature difference of +/- 1°C. To achieve the performance specifications of the TCR system, the use of a Lumidox®II TCR 48 LED, or 24-18 LED array is required.
  • Capable of enhanced re-producibility in heating and cooling applications
  • High quality, leak-proof CPC fittings for quick and easy tubing connection
  • Compatible with a wide range of heat-transfer fluids such as: water (down to 5°C), silicone-based fluids (ie SYLTHERMTM™), ethylene glycol, and polypropylene glycol
  • Designed to standard SLAS dimensions (127.75mm x 85.5mm) with standard 9mm (48-position) or 18mm (24-position) well-to-well pitch
  • Compatible with auto-samplers and other staples of high throughput chemistry
  • 4mm holes in lid allow for use with most common auto sampler needles
  • Threaded holes (6-32) in lid for accessory attachment
  • 3.2mm diameter port accommodates standard 3mm thermocouple or cryostat probes for remote temperature measurement
  • Each TCR unit undergoes a gas-tight and watertight evaluation before they are released

Standard (8x30mm) 48-Position TCR

1 Dram 24-Position TCR