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Degassing Systems

Advantage Plus™ Degassing Systems

• Max flow 5mL/min
• Internal volume 480μL
• Advanced degassing technology
• Smart sensors detect leaks and communicates with the vacuum pump
• Vacuum pump continuously adjusts speed to maintain optimum degassing levels
• LED indicates degassing status
• One year warranty

Baseline noise and unstable flow rates are typically caused by dissolved air in the mobile phase. Our line of Advantage PlusTM Series Degassers are Teflon® AF degassing membranes, which are fifty times more efficient than our competitors’ PTFE membranes. This translates into channel volumes which are ten times smaller and equilibration is four times faster. Our continuous run vacuum pumps consistently deliver steady baselines, unlike other degassers, which have fluctuating baselines due to the on/off cycle of their vacuum pumps.

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    480202Degassing System - 2 ChannelEach$2,450.00
    480205Degassing System - 4 ChannelEach$3,129.00
    59387 1/4-28 Brown PPS Headless Nut
    593871/4-28 Brown PPS Headless NutEach$4.00
    41530-L4Tefzel® TubingEach$220.00