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HPLC & LC/MS Columns

Lancer™ C8, C18, Cyano and Phenyl Columns

Lancer™ columns are based on the same ultra-pure Type B silica gel used in our Armor™ products, and thoroughly end-capped bonded phases ensure that Lancer™ columns and cartridges will perform well in demanding situations, where many other column brands fail.

The bulky size and secondary chemical functionality of the end-capping moiety on Lancer™ columns and cartridges make them popular choices for researchers developing powerful LC-MS techniques or chromatographers doing routine analysis of difficult polar compounds.

Lancer is an attractive alternative to traditional reverse phase methods and is an excellent replacement for Hypersil® packed columns. The characteristically high efficiency, good lot-to-lot reproducability and low cost make Lancer an attractive alternative to traditional reverse phase methods.


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