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EquaVAP® Evaporators

  • Rapidly evaporates common organic solvents (0-100LPM)
  • Internal flow equalizers – distributes equal output across all needle ports to ensure even and symmetrical evaporation
  • Stainless Steel Needle Tips – long term robust use, sturdy, wide solvent compatibilities
  • Step-down Height Adjustment – offers positive repeatable height positions
  • Stand Alone – simple to operate, connects to Nitrogen supply and standard socket
  • Small Footprint (8” base) – fits into small glove boxes and standard fume hoods

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    23096 EquaVAP 96-Well Evaporator
    23096EquaVAP® 96-Well EvaporatorEach$1,400.00
    EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, for 9mm Vial Spacing
    23024-09EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, for 9mm Vial SpacingEach$1,350.00
    EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, 18mm
    23024-18EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, 18mmEach$1,350.00
    23024-20 EquaVAP 24-Well Evaporator, 20mm
    23024-20EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, 20mmEach$1,350.00
    EquaVAP® 48-Well Evaporator
    23048EquaVAP® 48-Well EvaporatorEach$1,375.00
    EquaVAP 54-Well Evaporator
    23054EquaVAP 54-Well EvaporatorEach$1,400.00
    23384 EquaVAP 384-Well Evaporator
    23384EquaVAP 384-Well EvaporatorEach$3,088.00