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Cat lightone

Illuminators for 96 and 384 Wells

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    LOR-96FT LightOne Illuminator RED
    LOR-96FTLightOne Illuminator REDEach$695.00
    LOI-96FT LightOne Illuminator
    LOI-96FTLightOne IlluminatorEach$867.00
    LOI-384 LightOne Pro 384 Well Illuminator
    LOI-384LightOne Pro 384 Well IlluminatorEach$1,569.00
    56410 ViewOne Lablite 100-240V
    56410ViewOne LabliteEach$258.00
    56411 ViewOne Indexer
    56411ViewOne IndexerEach$348.00
    LOI-101 Tilt Stand for LightOne and ViewOne Products
    LOI-101Tilt Stand for LightOne and ViewOne ProductsEach$163.00