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Reservoirs, Trough Plates & Basins

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    DSBPVC Clear PVC Disposable Basins
    DSBPVCClear PVC Disposable Basins100$71.00
    21012 Deep Well Reservoir, 12 Channel, 21mL/column, 252mL max
    21012Deep Well Reservoir, 12 Channel25$206.00
    38471 Deep Well PP Reservoir, 384-Position Base
    38471Deep Well Reservoir, 384-Position Base25$206.00
    38477 384-Position Deep PP Well Reservoir with Two Controls Wells, 7mL & 2mL/control, 273mL Main
    38477384-Position Deep Well Reservoir with Two Controls Wells25$176.00
    47006 Deep Well PP Reservoir, 47mL/column, 282mL max, 6 Channel
    47006Deep Well Reservoir, 6 Channel25$206.00
    32008 Deep Well PP Reservoir, 32mL/row, 256mL max, 8 Channel
    32008Deep Well Reservoir, 8 Channel25$206.00
    96733 Deep Well PP Reservoir, Four Columns, 73mL/column, 292mL max,
    96733Deep Well Reservoir, Four Columns25$206.00
    96473 Deep Well PP Reservoir, Four Rows, 73mL/row, 292mL max
    96473Deep Well Reservoir, Four Rows25$206.00
    960395 Deep Well PP Reservoir, Three Columns, 95mL/Column, 285mL max
    960395Deep Well Reservoir, Three Columns25$206.00
    962144 Deep Well PP Reservoir, Two Columns, 144mL/Column, 288mL max
    962144Deep Well Reservoir, Two Columns25$206.00
    55001 Polypropylene dual Reservoir with Lid, 50mL on one side, 12 5mL wells on opposite side
    55001Dual Reservoir with Lid25$84.00
    47170 Half-Height PP Reservoir, no partitions,170mL max,, 12 Channel
    47170Half-Height Reservoir, 12 Channel25$176.00
    38444 Half-Height PP Reservoir, 2.6mL/control, 155mL main, 384-Position Base with Four Control Columns
    38444Half-Height Reservoir, 384-Position Base with Four Control Columns25$176.00
    38455 Half-Height PP Reservoir, 170mL max Volume, 384-Well
    38455Half-Height Reservoir, 384-Well25$176.00
    47005 Low Profile PP Reservoir, 7mL/column, 84mL max, 12 Channel
    47005Low Profile Reservoir, 12 Channel25$176.00
    32018 Low Profile PP Reservoir, 4.9mL/Row, 78mL max, 16 Channel
    32018Low Profile Reservoir, 16 Channel25$176.00
    47025 Low Profile PP Reservoir, 3.5mL/column, 84mL max, 24 Channel - 12 Columns, 2 Rows
    47025Low Profile Reservoir, 24 Channel (12 Columns, 2 Rows)25$176.00
    24296 Low Profile PP Reservoir, 24 Channel, Columns, 3.3mL/column, 78mL max
    24296Low Profile Reservoir, 24 Channel (Columns)25$176.00
    38481 Low Profile PP Reservoir, 92mL max Volume, 384-Well
    38481Low Profile Reservoir, 384-Well25$176.00
    32082 Low Profile PP Reservoir, 10.6mL/Row, 85mL max, 8 Channel
    32082Low Profile Reservoir, 8 Channel25$176.00
    38422 Low PP Profile Reservoir, 90mL max Volume, Open Flat Bottom
    38422Low Profile Reservoir, Open Flat Bottom25$176.00
    38485 Low Profile Storage Plate with Four Control Wells and Center PP Reservoir, 3.25mL/control, 86.3mL Main
    38485Low Profile Storage Plate with Four Control Wells and Center Reservoir25$176.00
    69500BK Reservoir Lid, Black
    69500BKReservoir Lid, Black100$163.00
    69500 Reservoir Lid, Clear
    69500Reservoir Lid, Clear100$157.00
    96173 Deep Well Single Cavity Waste PP Reservoir, 287mL max Volume
    96174Single Cavity Waste Reservoir - Irradiated25$226.00
    96173 Deep Well Single Cavity Waste PP Reservoir, 287mL max Volume
    96173Single Cavity Waste Reservoir25$206.00
    96012 V-Trough for 12 Position Multi Channel Pipetor, 8 Channel, White Polystyrene
    96012V-Trough for 12 Position Multi Channel Pipetor, 8 Channel5$38.00
    96013 V-Trough for Multi-Channel Pipetors, 12 Channel, Clear PETG
    96013V-Trough for Multi-Channel Pipetors, 12 Channel5$38.00
    DSBWPS White Polystyrene Disposable Basins
    DSBWPSWhite Polystyrene Disposable Basins100$71.00