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Canary-Safe™ Solvent Safety Products

Canary-Safe™ Solvent Safety Products

Safety Waste Caps & Exhaust Filters

Analytical Sales & Services offers a wide variety of Safety Waste screw caps for almost all waste containers on the market. Caps are made from polypropylene with a secondary inner PTFE Core. As with our mobile phase caps, the 2-part design means your tubing will never be twisted and tangled when attaching your waste cap to its waste container. Caps are available with GL45, S51/55, B53, S60/61, B83, or S90 threads configuration, and can handle flow rates up to 500mL. Most safety waste caps come standard with one port for an exhaust filter, and can accommodate various sized tubing. Exhaust filters are sold separately in 3-, 6- and 12-month sizes, and come with expiry timers. Custom cap options are available, so please let us know if you need something special.

Waste Cap Diagram Thumbnail Diagram: How Safety Waste Caps Function Expand
Thread Guide Container Thread Dimensions Guide Expand
Waste Cap Diagram Diagram: How Safety Waste Caps Function
Thread Guide Container Thread Dimensions Guide Expand
Safety Waste Caps

Waste Cap Diagram

Container Thread
Dimensions Guide

Cap AD (mm)Note
GL32 31.5 
GL38 37.5 for Wheaton and Nalgene bottles
GL40 40 for Merck bottles
GL45 44.5  
B50 50 for space saving can
B51 48  
B53 53 for Nalgene bottles and cans
S55 53.5  
S60 59  
B63 62 for Nalgene bottles and cans
S65 64.5 for KAUTEX cans
S71 70  
GL80 80  
B83 88 for Nalgene bottles and cans
(approx. 13mm thread lead)
S90 88  
S95 94  

Note: All dimensions could very +/- 0.5mm depending on the manufacturer.


Waste GL45 cap

GL45 Safety Waste Caps

Our GL45 Safety Waste caps feature the standard 2-part cap design with a freely rotating inner core, and can accommodate a variety of combinations of ports for 1/8”,...
CSF5155 Canary-Safe Waste Cap, S51/55, with Safety Funnel & 2 Standard Tubing Ports

S51/55 Safety Waste Caps

Our S55 safety waste caps with a 360º rotating inner core, are for large waste containers used in Prep HPLC. These caps can accommodate barbed fittings for oversized tubing,...
CW53218 Canary-Safe Waste Cap, B53, with 2 Standard 1/8” OD Tubing Ports & 1 Port for Barbed Adapter

B53 Safety Waste Caps

Our B53 safety waste caps are a great way to keep you your lab safe.  Prevent noxious gases from escaping your waste containers; exhaust filters sold separately.  Custom...
CW60302 Canary-Safe Waste Cap, S60/61, with 3 Standard 1/8” OD Tubing Ports, 2 Ports for Barbed Adapters

S60/61 Safety Waste Caps

CC83114 Canary-Safe B83 Mobile Phase Cap, 1 Port for 1/4

B83 Safety Waste Caps

For large Nalgene waste containers, try our B83 safety waste caps.  They are available with a variety of port numbers and configurations, and thanks to the 2-part cap...
CW90418 Canary-Safe Waste Cap, S90, 4 Standard 1/8” OD Tubing Ports, 1 Port for Barbed Adapter

S90 Safety Waste Caps

Exhaust filters

Exhaust Filters

The Canary-Safe charcoal exhaust filters contain an activated carbon, multi-component granular material which absorbs 99% of all vapor and particulate materials evaporating...
Waste caps Funnels

Waste Caps with Funnels

Our safety waste caps with safety funnels are a great option if you have a need to pour your waste out directly from another bottle or source. All waste caps with safety...