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Photoredox Catalysis & Parallel Synthesis

Photoredox Catalysis & Parallel Synthesis

Para-dox® Aluminum Reaction Blocks

A successful approach to high-throughput reaction screening requires the best tools available. Our comprehensive line of photoredox catalysis and parallel synthesis reaction blocks is exactly what you need. Designed specifically for high-throughput screening (HTS) applications, the SBS (SLAS/ANSI) format allows for use in any industry standard automation application. Within each reaction block are silicone mats for compression sealing, as well as PFA films to keep the glass vials from sticking to the silicone mats during heating. This sealing strategy has resulted in our reaction blocks being validated to have less than 5% solvent loss, even with prolonged heating. A wide array of accessory items offers solutions for a variety of application requirements.

  • Useful for generating compound arrays (medicinal chemistry)
  • Useful for conducting screening reaction conditions
  • Can be used on tumble stirrers / hot plate stirrers / robotic platforms
  • Can easily be used in a glovebox
  • Suggested for use with our pre-loaded vial trays in both standard and micro sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

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What torque is recommended for reaction block assembly?
For reactor assembly, a torque of 5.3 inch-pounds (0.60 Newton-meters) is recommended. Generating a firm seal requires that the torque on each screw be as equal as possible. The user may need to retrace their star pattern several times as tightening one screw will slightly decrease the load on another.
TCR Unit

Temperature Controlled Reactor

Gen II Reaction Blocks

NEW! Para-dox SLAS footprint aluminum reaction blocks are now available in a 4 or 5-bolt configuration. Some benefits of these new blocks include: • Less bolts – less...
NANO assembled

Nano (for 384-Well Glass Plates)

96970 96-Well Micro Photoredox Block Assembly

Micro (50µL, 4x21mm Glass Inserts)

96960 96-Well Parallel Synthesis/Optimization Block Assembly

Standard (1mL, 8x30mm Glass Inserts)

48012 48 x 2mL Aluminum Multi-well Reaction Block

HPLC Vials (2mL, 12x32mm)

24015 24 x 4mL Aluminum Multi-well Reaction Block (for 1 Dram Vials)

1 DRAM Vials (4mL, 15x45mm)

24617 24 x 8mL Aluminum Multi-well Reaction Block (for 2 Dram Vials), Open Top/Bottom

2 DRAM Vials (8mL, 17x60mm)


HTE Screening Kits

  What’s your goal? If you want to run 24 Well Screens, and you have: • Stirrer Hotplates • Single and/or Multichannel pipettes use HTE Kit 1 24-Well Screening...
Powder transfer

Powder Transfer Plates

Extra wide openings for easy filling Funneled holes guide powder down into vials Circular grooves on underside of transfer plate “lock” vials into position to eliminate...