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Column Temperature Control

Gen II HotSleeve™+

Gen II HotSleeve+  Self-Calibrating “Smart” Column Heater 

The Gen II HotSleeve+ is the second generation of the HotSleeve+ column heater, and the third iteration of the original Hot Sleeve. Use with either the new MULTICON™ Gen II multiple heater controller or the new MONOCON™ Gen II single heater controller, sold separately.

  • Improved internal geometry accommodates a superior fit for analytical columns.
  • Designed for various column lengths
  • Temperature range:  5ºC Above Ambient to 130ºC
  • Robust, high temperature VELCRO® provides superior performance compared to Gen I HotSleeve+

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    Gen II HotSleeve+ 5cm Column Heater
    HS2-5LGen II HotSleeve+ 5cm Column HeaterEach$880.00
    Gen II HotSleeve+ 10cm Column Heater
    HS2-10LGen II HotSleeve+ 10cm Column HeaterEach$920.00
    HS2-15LGen II HotSleeve+ 15cm Column HeaterEach$1,669.00
    HS2-25LGen II HotSleeve+ 25cm Column HeaterEach$1,769.00
    HS2-30LGen II HotSleeve+ 30cm Column HeaterEach$1,898.00
    HS2-1012LGen II HotSleeve+ 1.0" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column HeaterEach$3,778.00
    HS2-1512LGen II HotSleeve+ 1.5" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column HeaterEach$2,980.00
    Gen II HotSleeve+ 2.0" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column Heater
    HS2-2012LGen II HotSleeve+ 2.0" ID x 12" Long Prep-Size Column HeaterEach$3,030.00