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Collection Plates & Accessories

Flexi-Tier™ Variable Height Collection Systems

We provide the option to “build your own” plate of glass or PP inserts so you can configure a 96-well array and footprint that meets your needs. This system is a mature product line, with low-bind options available. Our flexi-tier products include between 1 and 4 levels or “tiers” to accommodate multiple sizes of vial inserts. We also have several aluminum base-plates available for heating or cooling temperature control.

flexi tier opaque

Flexi-Tier™ Opaque Systems

Flexi tier clear

Flexi-Tier™ Clear Systems

Glass inserts in loader

Flexi-Tier™ Glass Inserts in Loader

Glass inserts in loader

Flexi-Tier™ Silanized Glass Inserts in Loader

Loose bulk inserts

Flexi-Tier™ Loose Vial Inserts, Bulk

Aluminum system

Flexi-Tier™ Aluminum Collection Systems

Flexi accessories

Flexi-Tier™ Accessories