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Sample Filtration

Rplc. Parts for All Vacuum Manifolds

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    ImageSKUDescriptionUnitsPriceQty / Add to Cart
    2124-02Blacks Legs for Cover4/$35.00
    4202Control Valve (4202)25$220.00
    4124-10Disposable Teflon® Needles100$188.00
    Disposable Teflon® Needles
    4124-12Disposable Teflon® Needles500$936.00
    Female Luer Nylon (for top of lid)
    2120-02Female Luer Nylon (for top of lid)2$12.00
    2121-02Male Luer Fittings, Nylon (for bottom of lid)2$12.00
    yellow plugs
    2129-12Retaining Clips12$58.00
    2123-02Support Posts for Rack3/$83.00
    2126-02Vacuum GaugeEach$50.00
    2122-03Vacuum Gauge & Valve AssemblyEach$182.00
    2125-02Valve Assembly OnlyEa$157.00