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Why is Echelon so good?

Echelon material has been designed from start to finish to optimize analysis of the most challenging basic and acidic compounds.

Pure silica means symmetric peaks.

Echelon silica is manufactured using the purest reagents available, in a process that excludes contaminates from the silica bead structure as it forms. Conventional silicas contain large amounts of metal ion (Fe, Al, Mg, Mn, Cr, Ti, and Ni) and sulfate contaminants, which reduce silica performance. Metal ions increase the acidity of surrounding silanols, promoting increased interaction with polar contaminants, like bases. With Echelon, metals are nonexistent, particularly at the silica surface where their effects are most deleterious. This resulting silica is extremely pure.

  • Wide pH range stability, pH 2-11
  • Ideal for basic and acidic analytes
  • No secondary Si-OH interaction
  • High capacity: smaller particles = higher efficiency



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