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Sample Filtration

  • Rapidly evaporates common organic solvents (0-100LPM)
  • Internal flow equalizers – distributes equal output across all needle ports to ensure even and symmetrical evaporation
  • Stainless Steel Needle Tips – long term robust use, sturdy, wide solvent compatibilities
  • Step-down Height Adjustment – offers positive repeatable height positions
  • Stand Alone – simple to operate, connects to Nitrogen supply and standard socket
  • Small Footprint (8” base) – fits into small glove boxes and standard fume hoods
EquaVAP® Flow Distribution Expand
EquaVAP® Flow Distribution

We all take sample concentration methods for granted. You blow air, nitrogen, etc., down on to the sample and it evaporates. When using single sample methods, it’s routine, reproducible, and robust. But what happens when you scale up to high throughput 24-, 48-, or 96-well blocks? Are you seeing even well concentration and evaporation across the entire plate?

What makes a good blowdown device for high throughput samples? Consideration for pressure and velocity distribution are key elements to achieving equal and level concentration and evaporation across the entire plate. Internal flow equalizers distribute equal output across all needle ports to ensure even and symmetrical evaporation. Matched flow characteristics deliver reproducibility without the need for added gas or plate heating.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What would be recommended if I needed to heat some samples while using an Equavap?
Analytical is exploring a heated-air EquaVAP, but does not yet have a timeline for its release. There are several alternative solutions:
  • The simplest solution would be to place the entire unit on a hot plate as the EquaVAP base is anodized aluminum.
  • Use a silicone heater underneath either the entire unit, or in the area where the plate sits.
  • Heat the incoming air itself. Our HotSleeve column heaters may be a good candidate for this, as you could wrap them around the air hose, which can withstand temperatures of up to 70°C.

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    23096 EquaVAP 96-Well Evaporator
    23096EquaVAP® 96-Well EvaporatorEach$1,400.00
    EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, for 9mm Vial Spacing
    23024-09EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, for 9mm Vial SpacingEach$1,350.00
    EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, 18mm
    23024-18EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, 18mmEach$1,350.00
    23024-20 EquaVAP 24-Well Evaporator, 20mm
    23024-20EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, 20mmEach$1,350.00
    EquaVAP® 48-Well Evaporator
    23048EquaVAP® 48-Well EvaporatorEach$1,375.00
    EquaVAP® 54-Well Evaporator
    23054EquaVAP® 54-Well EvaporatorEach$1,400.00
    23384 EquaVAP 384-Well Evaporator
    23384EquaVAP 384-Well EvaporatorEach$3,088.00