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EquaVAP® Evaporators

EquaVAP® 24-Well Evaporator, 18mm


Units/Pkg: Each

SKU: 23024-18

EquaVAP 24-Well Blowdown Evaporator, 18mm

• 18mm center-to-center needle distance
• Use with 24-well polypropylene collection plates (part numbers 24108 or 24727)



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Download: EquaVAP Quickstart Guide/Manual

EquaVAP® Flow Distribution Expand
EquaVAP® Flow Distribution

We all take sample concentration methods for granted. You blow air, nitrogen, etc., down on to the sample and it evaporates. When using single sample methods, it’s routine, reproducible, and robust. But what happens when you scale up to high throughput 24-, 48-, or 96-well blocks? Are you seeing even well concentration and evaporation across the entire plate?

What makes a good blowdown device for high throughput samples? Consideration for pressure and velocity distribution are key elements to achieving equal and level concentration and evaporation across the entire plate. Internal flow equalizers distribute equal output across all needle ports to ensure even and symmetrical evaporation. Matched flow characteristics deliver reproducibility without the need for added gas or plate heating.

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