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Column Temperature Control

Cold-Sleeve-30 ColdSLEEVE Column Cooler/Heater

Cold Sleeve™

• Operation Range: Multiple Pre-Set Temperature Settings through Graphical User Interface
• Accommodates a Wide Range of Columns up to 30cm in length and 7.8mm I.D. Compact Design
• Fast Equilibration and Highly Responsive

Research scientists understand that temperature stability is critical for accurate, reliable and reproducible results. The slightest temperature fluctuation can adversely effect the performance and repeatability of any method.  Cold Sleeve™ was specifically designed to address this issue.

Cold Sleeve™ is a Peltier driven cooler/heater designed to hold a single column up to 30cm long and up to 7.8mm in diameter. The temperature range is 5º to 55ºC with 0.2ºC accuracy.

A double insulated cover maintains temperature stability within the chamber ± 0.2ºC. The high performance control unit incorporates state-of-the-art electronics with dual remote preset temperatures for advanced methods development work. RS232 control is standard.

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    Cold-Sleeve-30 ColdSLEEVE Column Cooler/Heater
    Coldsleeve-30Cold Sleeve™ Column Cooler/HeaterEach$2,925.00