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Fluidic Transfer

We offer a complete line of finger tight UHPLC fitting assemblies, including our very own FlexChrom® Flexible Stainless Steel Tubing.

We also offer high- and low-pressure stainless steel fittings, metric fittings, unions, tees, and crosses as well as HPLC, GC, and LCMS fittings and tubing, available in a range of diameters and materials.

UHPLC tubing fitting assemblies

UHPLC Tubing/Fitting Assemblies

HPLC tubing

HPLC Tubing

hplc fittings

HPLC Fittings

Unions Tees Adapters

HPLC Connectors

HPLC Adapters Connectors

HPLC Adapters & Column Couplers

low pressure fittings

Low Pressure Fittings

59512 PEEK® Y Connector with .020

Low Pressure Adapters and Connectors

Low pressure fittings & valves

Low Pressure Valves

Metric fittings & adapters

Metric Fitting Adapters

Micro fittings & filters

Micro Fittings, Filters & Connectors

Our one piece micro fittings work with our micro unions, adapters and inline microfilters. With thru-holes specifically for 360µm and 1/32”OD tubing and our .025”OD...
Inline precolumn filters

Inline & Pre-Column Filters

solvent filters

Solvent Filters

Chromatography tools

Chromatography Tools & Accessories