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Fluidic Transfer

Fluidic Transfer

Analytical has cultivated a comprehensive line of standard and custom connectors, fittings, and flow control devices, as well as a full complement of standard and custom stainless steel, Hastelloy C, PEEK and FEP Teflon tubing. We also offer a unique line of finger tight UHPLC fitting assemblies, featuring our very own FlexChrom® Flexible Stainless-Steel Tubing. Low pressure, high pressure, micro and metric fittings are all available. We also provide custom kits to meet specific needs, and a diverse group of specialty tools. We are readily available to provide technical support via email or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a method of repairing a column that has a fitting broken off in it?
Yes. We have a tool designed to readily remove broken fittings from any accessible port, even column ends. See PN 61629.
Do you have UPLC tubing / fittings?
Both our FlexChrom and standard stainless steel tubing are available with our proprietary UHPLC (rated up to 27,000 psi) finger-tight fittings. We have a quick video going over their installation.

Hastelloy C Tubing & Fittings

For special applications where standard grade stainless steel HPLC tubing cannot be utilized, Hastelloy C is the perfect choice. Hastelloy C tubing and fittings are most...
UHPLC tubing fitting assemblies

UHPLC Tubing/Fitting Assemblies

UHPLC Fittings Instruction Video Your browser does not support the video tag. Ultra High Pressure UHPLC Fitting Assemblies are the perfect column connectors because they...
HPLC tubing

HPLC Tubing

hplc fittings

HPLC Fittings

Unions Tees Adapters

HPLC Connectors

HPLC Adapters Connectors

HPLC Adapters & Column Couplers

low pressure fittings

Low Pressure Fittings

59512 PEEK® Y Connector with .020

Low Pressure Adapters and Connectors

Low pressure fittings & valves

Low Pressure Valves

Metric fittings & adapters

Metric Fitting Adapters

Micro fittings & filters

Micro Fittings, Filters & Connectors

Our one piece micro fittings work with our micro unions, adapters and inline microfilters. With thru-holes specifically for 360µm and 1/32”OD tubing and our .025”OD...
Inline precolumn filters

Inline & Pre-Column Filters

solvent filters

Solvent Filters

Chromatography tools

Chromatography Tools & Accessories