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“Straight-Thru” Thermal Transfer Deck


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“Straight-Thru” Thermal Transfer Deck

• SLAS Footprint
• Must be used with a recirculating liquid chiller or heater
• Can be attached to Lumidox® II solid base LED arrays for direct cooling of the array

When connected to an external recirculating liquid chiller, our Thermal Transfer Decks can be used as either a chilling plate or hot plate. Apply heat or cold directly to your samples or sample vessels (such as Para-dox® Reaction Blocks), or use it to cool your Lumidox® II solid base LED array. It is compatible with a wide variety of coolants (water, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, oil, etc.). Recommended temperature range is -40°C to 80°C.

This aluminum thermal transfer deck conforms to SLAS dimensions and fits perfectly with a variety of Analytical Sales’ collection plates and Thermal Adapter Plates. It has four (4) 3mm mounting holes which allow for attachment to solid base Lumidox II Arrays as well. High-end valved, spill-proof fittings allow for quick connection/disconnection.  Decks are stackable, and multiple decks can be chained together for a total temperature control solution.

Compatible Apparatus:
• Temperature Controlled Reactor (TCR)
• All Lumidox® II solid base arrays*
Thermal Adapter Plates (warm/cool transfer to polypropylene collection plates)

• 2x 5′ lengths of 3/8″ (9.5 mm) OD tubing with precisely fitted hose-barbed inserts
• 2x 1/8-NPT high-end valved, spill-proof fittings

Benefits of High-end Fittings
• Improved functionality and design
• Precise barbed inserts for superior tubing grip
• Fittings feature built-in shutoff valves for preventing spills
• Push-button thumb latches for quick and easy connection/disconnection

These fittings also offer the ability to daisy-chain, or link together with our new TCR via this Daisy Chain Connector for TCR and “Straight-Thru” TTD.


*We highly recommend that you allow Analytical Sales & Services, Inc. to attach your thermal transfer deck to your solid base array before shipping.

*Note:  Thermal Transfer Decks are not compatible with ACTIVE BASE arrays.



Attachment & Removal Guide

Download: TTD_Instructions_rev1b.pdf

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