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Photoredox Catalysis & Parallel Synthesis

Lumidox® Gen II 96-Well LED Arrays


Units/Pkg: Each


Lumidox Gen2, 96-Well LED Arrays

Available wavelengths (select option above):
UV365, UV375, UV385, UV395, UV405, 420-Violet, 445-Indigo,  470-Blue,  505-Cyan,  527-Green,  590-Amber,  630-Red, 660-Deep Red, 730-IR, White

Available Mat and Base configurations (select option above):
Lens Mat/Active Cooling Base†
Lens Mat/Solid Base*
Diffuse Mat/Active Cooling Base†
Diffuse Mat/Solid Base*

Solid base arrays are NOT self-cooling and require the use of a sufficient chiller/cooling device.
† Active cooling base arrays are not compatible with strong magnetic fields such as those found in most tumble stirrers due to interference with the cooling fans.

Note: If you wish to use our arrays with your clear bottom/glass bottom well plates, we can make a custom adapter to properly align your plate with our array. Please contact us!

Average weight of arrays (lens mat and diffuse):
Active cooling base: 415g
Solid base: 520g



Shipping Weight1 lbs

Specs / Drawings

Download: lumidoxII_active_base_rev1a_PUBLIC.pdf

Download: lumidoxII_solid_base_rev1a_PUBLIC.pdf


Download: Lumidox-II-Manual.pdf