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Photoredox Catalysis & Parallel Synthesis

Lumidox® Gen II 96-Well LED Arrays


Units/Pkg: Each


Lumidox Gen2, 96-Well LED Arrays

Available wavelengths (select option above):
UV365, UV375, UV385, UV395, UV405, 420-Violet, 445-Indigo,  470-Blue,  505-Cyan,  527-Green,  590-Amber,  630-Red, 660-Deep Red, 730-IR, White

Available Mat and Base configurations (select option above):
Lens Mat/Active Cooling Base†
Lens Mat/Solid Base*
Diffuse Mat/Active Cooling Base†
Diffuse Mat/Solid Base*

Solid base arrays are NOT self-cooling and require the use of a sufficient chiller/cooling device.
† Active cooling base arrays are not compatible with strong magnetic fields such as those found in most tumble stirrers due to interference with the cooling fans.

Average weight of arrays (lens mat and diffuse):
Active cooling base: 415g
Solid base: 520g



Shipping Weight1 lbs

Specs / Drawings

Download: lumidoxII_active_base_rev1a_PUBLIC.pdf

Download: lumidoxII_solid_base_rev1a_PUBLIC.pdf


Download: Lumidox-II-Manual.pdf