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Lumidox® II Controller

Lumidox II Controllers are manufactured in-house. Optical power levels are provided in easy to read, easy to calculate, whole numbers. Simply scroll through the menu to select your desired output. An onboard illumination elapsed timer is provided, as well as a countdown to automatic shut off timer.

LED Arrays and LumLamps are custom tuned in-house and provide 5 individually calibrated and configured levels of optical power. Arrays and LumLamps are not unique to controllers. Their calibration data is stored onboard, allowing users to use different arrays or LumLamps with one controller (only one device at a time per controller).

Frequently Asked Questions

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I need to change my output levels for each stage. Can I do this remotely?
Yes, please contact for assistance. We will be able to walk you through the process. Please be sure to navigate to the "Additional Information" tab on our Lumidox controller webpage ahead of time, and download the firmware update files. Within that folder will be an executable file named GUI5R7529.exe. This is the GUI that we will utilize to make the changes to the array. Please contact your IT department if the file is blocked. You will also require a the USB Cable that was provided with your controller.
What is the lowest stable irradiance for the Lumidox II controller?
The lowest output is approximately 5-10mW/cm2. The irradiance can be decreased further by adding distance between the Lumidox II LED array and the well plate/samples being irradiated.
Can the Lumidox II be integrated with automation systems?
Our Lumidox units are easy to integrate with automation systems, as they were designed with this intention in mind. The serial commands themselves plus some sample Python files can be downloaded from the "Additional Information" tab on our Lumidox controller page. Note that these features are currently experimental, and not yet officially supported. The available commands in Lumidox Controller II – Serial Commands guide should cover all of the tasks needed to integrate and fire the units with your automation platform. Analytical also has "extension" cord sets available to extend the distance the array can be from the controller.
Can the light intensity of the Lumidox® II be reduced?
Yes. Placing thick plates of glass (preferably quartz) between the light source and the plate will increase the distance between the plates and the Lumidox® II, thereby reducing the amount of light reaching the samples. If your samples are still getting too much light, the array can be sent to Analytical to be re-calibrated for lower output.
Is there any way to tune the LEDs to a particular wavelength?
While tuning the LEDs to an exact wavelength is not possible, Analytical may be able to suggest LEDs that provide appreciable power at non-peak wavelengths.
Do you have an LED controller that can control multiple devices simultaneously?
Not currently, but plans for such a controller are in the works.
What are STAGES?
Stages are radiometric output levels, of varying intensity, selectable by the front mounted controller dial.
My unit turned off, is it broken?
Gen II arrays contain a resettable fuse. If internal temperatures surpass this fuse, the unit will temporarily be prevented from illuminating. Power cycle the device and wait for the array to cool before operating. For Solid Base Arrays, the cutoff temperature is 95°C and will reset when cooled to 65°C. For Active Cooling Base Arrays, the cutoff is 75°C and will reset at 45°C. LumLamp units contain a single use thermal protection fuse. Fuse repair is not possible in LumLamp units.
Is there a way to continuously sweep the light intensity?
This is not currently possible as a custom option.
Does the controller include a “stopwatch” or timer feature?
Yes, an onboard illumination elapsed timer is provided, as well as a countdown to automatic shut off timer.
Are you able to modulate intensity?
Yes, modulating the output intensity is achieved by turning the front mounted dial to the desired output stage.
What are the spectral outputs of the different wavelengths?
Typical spectral outputs can be found here. However, with each array or LumLamp, we provide a unique calibration document that notes this information, specific to the device. See an example of this document
I’m trying to match the J/cm2 values from a research paper. Can you help me determine how long to expose my samples?

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